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Administrative Central Urban Area of Long An Province


The Green City gives you a new sense of the modern lifestyle, luxury, in perfect harmony with the green nature along the peaceful Vam Co River.

The harmony with the nature is a basic philosophical principle in the Oriental culture tradition. However, the rapid development of the urban areas and the modernization dream are transforming the nature and sometimes, the people suddenly dream of a upright, clear bucolic life with green gardens, serene rivers. This is why in the Asia in general and Vietnam in particular, the tendency to live in harmony with the nature is preferred and why the intensively natural projects are under construction more and more.

As the gateway of the Mekong river delta, with criss-cross river, canal network, contiguous to Hochiminh city, Long An real estates is emerging as a potential economic zone, a ideal place to develop the green urban areas.

One of the cities which are waited in Long An is GreenCity – Administrative center urban area of Long An province with the strategic position near to the provincial administrative center and modern utilities. Not only having the advantages on position, easy connection with Hochiminh city and Western provinces through the completed routes: Hochiminh city – Trung Luong expressway, East – West avenue with scale of 76.6ha which are being concentrated with all resources by Dong Tam Joint Stock Company – one of the experienced and reputable investors on the market to implement many modern work items.

And in order to create a modern living space but still imbued with Vietnamese tradition, Dong Tam Joint Stock Company distils the most essential details of the Asian culture to put into the apartment furniture space. From the large door rooms, flower covered porch to the flexible skylight system, the residents shall get the feeling of living in the house which is both stranger and familiar, contains homeland feature with shadow of green trees and whistling wind and both luxury with modern glass windows and facilities.

In addition, there are the commercial streets, designed appropriately for both the business and serving the necessary and senior life demand.

Temporarily away from daily noise, dust, the residents will have a chance to return the serene childhood when caring by themselves the flower trellis next to the balcony, flying a kite with the children every afternoon, or discovering the people’s life with the family by marina ….

With the careful attention to the products bearing its brand, Dong Tam is taking each step to create a standard green city


Green City – The Administrative Central Urban Area of Long An Province, strategically situated in the Provincial administrative center with perfect conveniences, offers you a relaxing, modern and comfortable life as if at a luxury resort

A modern living space but still imbued with the Vietnamese tradition.

  • From the large door rooms, flower covered porches to the flexible skylight system, you will have the feeling of living in the house which is both stranger and familiar, brings homeland feature with shadow of green trees and whistling wind and both luxury with modern facilities.
  • Where the utilities converge fully to make your life value sublimate.
  • Office high building system and commercial center – The ideal purchase and working area
  • Marina – Floating on the Vam Co river, enjoying the sunset down, every sorrow, anxious feeling seems to disappear.
  • International school system – Where the talent is incubated.
  • To care the own and family heath care together with the modern, senior health standards, giving you the relaxed feeling as in the hotel.
  • The parks or sub-parks along the riverside spread to the project area – Where you can amuse, or go jopping or simply enjoy a green atmosphere together with your family.





Park along the river


Sports complex


In an effort to turn your home into a resort nestled in the immense land and sky, the designers have been relentlessly creative and exhausted every option to create a living space that is extremely interesting and comfortable, based on the following principles


  • Arranging, organizing the space and dividing the functional area clearly
  • Comfort and convenient living
  • Bringing the modernity to each space
  • Sufficient serving space, from basic to improved


Architectural physics:

  • The design creates condition to get the best natural lighting, wind, to keep the temperature always suitable for the human health.
  • This can be called as “green architecture” because of conformity with the humid and hot tropical climate.
  • Organizing the “porous” space, always having a buffer space, helping to release surplus temperature, to bring the best health to the human.
  • With the system organization method of many staggered skylights to facilitate good air circulation, appropriate feng shui, helping the family to increasingly be prosperous, develop.
  • Architectural style: designed according to the tropical contemporary architectural school, with the criteria:
  • Simple
  •  Easily receivable because not fussy, stranger to the Vietnamese architecture
  • Harmonious color, strongly contrastable and eccentric color is not used

        ⇒ To create a beautiful and luxurious urban overview


3. Architectural style:

  • Designed in the style of tropical contemporary architecture, bringing the fresh nature into each home, with the following criteria:
  • Enabling to create an overview of a beautiful and luxurious urban area
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