The selection of facing tiles or lining tiles is the 1st work to be done and very careful. Not any kind of tiles is for all purposes, derived from that practical demand, Dong Tam Company has diversified kinds of products for each particular purpose.

►Floor tiles: Ceramic, Granite with many kinds of dimensions.
►Decorative wall tiles: Ceramic, Granite with many kinds of dimensions.
►And with other combined products such as: Skirting tiles (used to press closely the wall footing, the exposed part between the floor and wall not only contains the high decorative features but also resists water smears when wiping the floor, Listello tiles (tiling in combination with creation of decorative carpets for the floor to make the tile floor more abundant, avoiding the monotonousness, boredom), Corner tiles, Decorative cut hydraulic tiles (containing high decorativeness, creating  highlight) to facilitate the customers to tile in combination with the expression of their preference as well as to leave their personal impression in each house.

Thereby, our Customers should consider the use purpose of each product to use properly and the best.
►Shining enamel floor ceramic tile: Shining, luxury but not suitable while using in the public places (office, conference room…).
►Translucent enamel floor ceramic tile: Suitable to the modern architectural style, very high surface hardness, suitable to also the public places (conference room, working office…)
►Wall ceramic tile: having the decorative effect, at the same time, keeping the wall clean, sanitary because of easy cleaning, applicable to press the inside and outside wall in house, toilet…, not used for floor tiling.
►Translucent enamel granite tile: Good bending fracture resistance, because of tile homogeneity, having permanent color fastness, abrasion resistance, very suitable while using in the public places (conference room, working office, station, hospital….)
►Patterned Granite tile: Unique combination between granite tile and ceramic tile, surface decorated with diversified patterns and colors, creating feeling of natural material, because of treated by modern equipment, creating a difference on each tile surface, good bending fracture resistance, good friction resistance, suitable to all use purposes for wall pressing and floor tiling.
►Shining granite tile: luxury, shining, good bending fracture resistance, color and gloss with permanent durability, 4 grinded sides of tile so the dimension is very correct and uniform, suitable for pressing the front surface or floor tiling including the public places (conference room, working office, station, hospital …).



►Our Customer should check carefully the manufacture lot before receiving the goods: A kind of tile must have the same manufacture lot to ensure there is no difference of color and dimension.
►Two fist letters (such as: 01, 10, 20…) Color display, tiles with two first same letters have no color difference.
►Character (applicable to ceramic floor tiles and enameled granite tiles) in addition to the manufacture lot number but still with the characters A, F or K. Tiles with the same characters have the same dimension, therefore our
►Customer should buy tiles with the same characters for the tile code to be purchased. Particularly when tiling in combination of many different codes, it is obligatory to have the same characters.

Notes: Our Customer should ask the seller to deliver the goods of the same lot, characters. Floor ceramic tiles and glass granite tiles haven’t these characters.

►Checking and only receiving the goods when the packing is intact, not torn, tiles are ensured not to be broken, if breakage, torn packing are detected, our Customer should check again the products in the boxes, if the quality standard is not reached, you can ask the supplier to replace the new ones.



►Tiles must be stored in the dry, clean, flat place, piled each other not over 2m to avoid to be broken, collapsed.
►Checking the tiling surface and preparing materials for tiling. Checking the length, width of the area to be tiled to calculate and mix reasonably the quantity of tiles, mortars, avoiding the shortage.
►For tiling, there are various materials such as: adhesive, cement mortar, sand mortar, specialized glue…Materials to be used for tiling should have a setting time, the different setting time is up to each kind of material. Please notes this to avoid to travel or to let heavy things on the tiled floor too early to make the floor peeled off.
►Cleaning very carefully the floor and wall to be tiled. Floor should be rammed very flatly and solidly. Checking the flatness by water balance ruler.
►Tiles are soaked in clean water at least 15 minutes before pressing or tiling to ensure the allowable adhesiveness for the work.
►When the floor is dry, cleaning the watering and coating a glue layer with thickness of about 10mm for preparing tile sticking.
►Do not spread the glue layer too widely because if the tiling is not timely, the glue layer shall be dry and do not ensure the adhesion requirement. Cut or defected tiles should not be placed at the most noticeable positions.



►Spreading pressed or paved tiles on a plane with area of about 10m2 for checking
►The difference of color (if any), necessary coupling circuit width, necessary cutting lines are in accordance with the used area. If our Customers detect any difference of color or dimension beyond the allowable scope, please contact the telephone number: (+84-28) 5426 6868 or (+84-28) 5426 7979  to be solved by the after-sales service department.
►Before tiling, it should consult the tiling method, tiling with release of Joint or tight, continuous or un-continuous, parallel or crossed tiling. For ceramic tiles, there is an allowable fluctuation amplitude, normally reserving Joint from 3 to 5mm

Notes: Tiles should be paved at the final phase of the work, after the main sections of ceiling and wall were completed.

We are not responsible for the paved or pressed tiles.



Stretching the cord – selecting the convenient position, watching the square meter. Placing the 1st tile under the appointed angle, then placing the next tiles based on the first one: the pads can be inserted reserving Joint under the fixed dimensions, so that tiles and Joint line are not lop-sided. Using a rubber hammer to lightly knock on the tile surface to create the completed plane for the floor.
If you have to step on the tile face when constructing, the thick boards must be placed on.
Using a special trowel (toothed type to keep glue). Creating an even glue layer so when placing tiles on, the floor shall not be pocked, vesicular, peeled off. Where pasting, using clothes for cleaning, so avoiding that cement water is smeared and penetrated into the tile face resulting in difficult wipe when completing. Do not step on or let heavy matters on the just pasted tile floor at least 9 hours …
After lining tiles, up to each tile color, we can use proper Joint rubbing powder to rub on the tile gaps.

Notes: When scrapping Joints, the boards should be placed on the floor before travelling to avoid the risk that tiles are separated from the floor, where scraping, cleaning the floor to avoid spotting on the floor.
For scraping Joint, we would like to introduce Dong Tam’s specialized products: Morcemcolor with strong points: colorific, suitable to floor tiles, good adhesiveness, high waterproof…



Using light detergent to wipe smears. Notes: Avoiding to use concentrated acid, coarse and abrasive washing powder, this kind is only applied to the toilets. Even if they do not damage tiles, this acid shall damage cement mortar. Please also note when using detergents, immediately wiping again by clean water. (It is necessary to check the detergent whether it is an appropriate kind to be used for cleansing tiles).



►When wiping, do not use high abrasion materials such as metal gland, abrasive paper, grindstone…. This is applicable especially to the brilliant surface tiles as well as the tiles of which scratches, loss of brightness are easily detected.
►Removing contaminants (sand, dust) which increase more the abrasion if friction due to the human footsteps. So you should maintain the floor as clean as possible.
The floor should be kept dry to avoid the sliding.