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  • 24. For tiling ceramic tiles in the bathrooms, what should be done first, floor or wall tiling?

  • 29. Can I tile floor tiles outdoor?

  • 14. Is floor tile an environmentally friendly product?

  • 13. Can I tile floor tiles in house equipped with heating system?

  • 12. Can we tile floor tiles on wooden floor?

  • 11. Is floor tiles soaked by soda, wine or acid?

  • 10. How to clean floor tile effectively?

  • 9. How many types and sizes of floor tiles are

  • 8. Are colors of tiles formed by painting on the surface?

  • 7. Is floor tile’s color faded out?

  • 6. After flooring, how can we treat the surface of tiles? Is it necessary to use chemicals?

  • 5. How can we preserve floor tiles for long-term use?

  • 4. Where is floor tile suitable for flooring?

  • 3. Could floor tiles be used in commercial buildings?

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