In the morning of 28/03/2018, at National Exhibition Contruction Center, Vietbuild International Exhibition in Hanoi was officially opened and hauled as one of events marking the 60th anniversary of Traditional day of construction in Vietnam (29/4/1958 - 29/4/2018)

With the motto “Integration - Technology - Peak” Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 attracted more than 1700 booths from nearly 500 participants, including 252 domestic enterprises, 99 joint ventures, 145 foreign companies and groups from 18 countries and territories, such as: France, USA, Russia, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, India, Italy, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam as well as other observing partners. Vietbuild Hanoi 2018 is considered the largest on its scale ever ... Products displayed at the exhibition were in the fields of construction - building materials; smarthome technology; real estate - architecture; interior & exterior decoration, doors, windows and accessories; solar equipment and auxiliary machinery systems; Other products included fences, water pipes, elevators, etc. 

Impressive and attractive was the booth at A1 Section of Dong Tam Group - the main sponsor of this Vietbuild international exhibition. The large, spacious exhibition space feauturing top class, luxurious and artistic style, helping customers easily discover new and high quality products of Dong Tam at this exhibition.

Representative of Dong Tam Group (3rd from left), the main sponsor, receives flowers in gratitude from the Organizer. 

Top product lines of Dong Tam Group attract interest from delegates and visitors.

The product display space is luxurious and full of artist feature

Especially, the luxury sanitaryware collection named Pearl - first introduced at Vietbuild Hanoi, featuring elegant and luxurious style, antibacterial characteristics combined with silent flushing, minimal water consumption, will certainly be the perfect product for customers seeking high quality sanitary wares of Vietnamese brand.

Display section for Pearl luxury sanitaryware collection

Also on the first exhibition day, customer gratitude activities at Dong Tam booth were constantly organized, attracting interest of many visitors such as lucky draw, gift drawings made by painters to attending customers, or taking photos for checkin on Dong Tam Group Fanpage to receive a valued gift in return....

Dong Tam booth attracts many visitors

Visitors join the “lucky draw” game at the booth

Visitors are being painted on portraits by painters at Dong Tam booth

Visitors join the “Checkin now - Receive a gift” program

Dong Tam Group Representative presents gifts to visitors in “Checkin now - Receive a gift” program
The above programs will be held from today until the end of 01 April. Dong Tam Group is looking forward to welcoming customers to visit, select satisfactory and high-quality products at Dong Tam booth, Vietbuild International Exhibition 2018.

Marketing - Dong Tam Group.


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