Aiming at satisfying the growing online shopping trend of consumers, Dong Tam Group will keep promoting and developing its e-commerce website:

The first professional e-commerce website of the building material industry:  


At Vietnam Online Business Forum - VOBF 2017, Ms. Dang Thuy Ha, Chief Representative of the market researcher Nielsen in Hanoi, said that Vietnam’s e-commerce market was worth up to $4 billion in 2016. Of Vietnam’s population, she said, 45 per cent have access to the internet. Notably, the ratio of population having access to the internet in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is even much higher. This certainly facilitates the growth of e-commerce in Vietnam.

Each internet user in Vietnam spends an average up to US$160 a year on shopping via e-commerce, according to Nielsen’s report. Therefore, the annual growth in Vietnam’s e-commerce market has reached 22 per cent, with the ratio of users having e-commerce access up to 28 per cent. 

This brings great opportunities and many challenges as well to the Marketing force of enterprises in general and of Dong Tam Group in particular for improving their knowledge, constantly keeping updated with market trends to help the e-commerce website meet and exceed the customer expectations in the Digital Industry 4.0.


As we all know, the process of “changing the shopping habit” of customers is proved very difficult, requiring a lot of persistence and devotion.

Many enterprises have been struggling to change the shopping habit of their customers from offline -> online. 

Moreover, for the traditional building materials that dongtamshop is pursuing, customers tend to have much more complicated shopping habits than in the consumer goods.

After a long period of establishing and completing the website, currently Dong Tam Group is entering a much more difficult stage, i.e. simplifying online shopping steps and maximizing customer experience. The Marketing team of Dong Tam Group is resolved to create the EASIEST AND MOST CONVENNIENT shopping experience for customers from visiting the website, placing orders, checking orders, selecting payment options and ending up with delivery and transport… 

According to the general development strategy of DTG for 2018 - 2021, will keep playing the role as one of main business channels. As a result, DTG will focus on developing the website in platform quality (Code, contents, image, user experience, etc.)

The close combination of e-commerce (online shopping) website with the huge offline business system (2500+ partner stores and 36 showrooms nationwide) will be a good and comprehensive development strategy of DTG in the coming time. Concerted marketing activities to promote customers moving from online to offline and vice versa will create a diversified and multi-purpose business ecosystem.

With the responsiveness in consumer approach, capabilities of 24/7 customer care and COMPLETION OF THE WHOLE WORKS WITH JUST A CLICK, will definitely bring in more practical values to consumers in the coming years.

This is also one of criteria and aspirations targeted by Dong Tam throughout its nearly 50-year history of construction and development: Always Innovation, Relentless Creativity and Implementation of the Mission to bring best values to consumers at home and abroad, true to the motto "For a better life."

Simplifying online shopping steps & Maximizing customer experience will be top targets. is given more and more attention in both platform quality and marketing activities.  

Marketing DTG

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