- To meet the cargo handling need serving the construction and exploitation of the Can Giuoc –Long An commercial and urban center, to export and import goods for Long An province and to undertake the cargo handling for the Seaport group No. 5 with total forecasted capacity of 9,300,000 tons/year by 2015.
- To construct the Long An port in accordance with the general Planning of Long An port area – Can Giuoc district – Long An province commercial center and urban area approved by Long An province People’s Committee.
- To construct the Long An port as the central port which is capable to receive ships of up to 30,000 DWT, in the future when the Soai Rap river ship fairway is improved to 50,000DWT, the Long An port shall be upgraded to receive ships with load of up to 50,000DWT in order to exploit the best the potentials of a maritime exchange clue of Long An, Tien Giang, a part of Hochiminh city.
- To create the premise to boost rapidly the socio-economic development process for Long An province in particular and for the South priority economic zone in general.



1. Distance: From Long An Port to:
Ho Chi Minh City downtown: 30-40 km along National Highway 50.

  • Phu My Hung Urban Area - District 7 - HCMC: 18 km
  • Green City - Tan An City - Long An: 50 km
2. Road:
  • National Highway 1A – apart from Long An Port: 41 km.
  • HCMC - Trung Luong express motorway: apart from Long An Port: 30 km.
3. Waterway:
  • Connecting to Soai Rap River.
  • Hiep Phuoc Seaport – HCMC distance: 10 km (river way)
  • 15 km from the East Sea estuary.
4. Airway:
  • Tan Son Nhat Airport - Ho Chi Minh City: 65 km away from Long An Port. The terminal capacity : 23 million passengers/ year and 600,000 tons of cargo/ year.
5. Railways:

Away from Saigon - HCMC passenger terminal – 60 km.



  • The project is located in the general planning scheme of Long An South East Asia Port, trading center and urban area of Can Giuoc District, Long An Province with an area of 1,935 hectares at Can Giuoc District, Long An Province as approved under the Decision No. 362/QD-UBND dated 02/02/2007 of Long An Province People's Committee.
  • Situated on the right bank of Soai Rap River and bordering HL 19
  • Planning area: 145 ha.
  • Water surface length: 2,600 m.
  • Consisting of 7 wharves with a total length of 1,670 m and 5 barge terminals with a total length of 400 m.
  • Approval granted by Vietnam Maritime Administration under the Official Letter No. 1414/CHHVN-HKTC dated 23/07/2008 for 02 wharves hosting 30,000 DWT vessels and the Official Letter No. 2452/CHHVN-HKTC dated 13/11/2009 for 5 new wharves including 1 for 30,000 DWT vessels and 4 for 30,000 DWT to 50,000 DWT tonnage vessels.
  • The cargo clearance capacity is expected to reach 15 million tons when completed.



Long An is a province belonging to the Cuu Long river Delta, located in the South priority economic zone. With the geographical position in the connecting point between the South East and West, in the South priority economic zone, very favorable transport connection conditions (waterway, roadway) with the large provinces and cities in the region (Hochiminh city, Dong Nai, Vung Tau), Long An has the advantageous conditions to attract domestic and foreign investment capitals, the potentials to develop seaport and seaport services, easy to connect with the ports and economic centers in the region.

Derived from the rapid development demand on the cargo exchange transport process, to timely meet the growth need on exporting and importing various kinds of necessary goods by seaway serving directly the agricultural, industrial economic sectors of Long An province, industrial groups of the Long An port area – Can Giuoc – Long An commercial and urban center project and to undertake a part of goods of the seaport group No. 5, to contribute to boost the socio-economic development process of Long An province, South priority economic zone and Mekong river Delta provinces; At the same time, to utilize the advantages of natural geographical conditions, waters, fairway and also waterway, roadway transport system in Can Giuoc – Long An area, so the Long An port construction investment research is very reasonable and necessary, in order to exploit the best the potentials of a large maritime exchange clue of the province on the Soai Rap river, to directly reduce the cargo flow and transport cost of annual exports and imports to transit through Hochiminh city ports by roadway, inland waterway and otherwise; On the other hand, the Long An port construction investment also contributes to develop the ports of the Mekong river Delta and the Southern area