At Dong Tam, ceramic tiles and granite tiles are always diversified in sizes and colors with many innovative and unique designs. Well understanding the stricter demand of customers, we design Dong Tam tiles in uniform collections ranging from wall tiles to floor tiles combined with skirt – border- corner tiles. Besides, we also manufacture water jet tiles with diverse images, meeting the highest aesthetic demands of customers for public works, hotels, living rooms, etc.
Granite tiles are divided into 3 main product lines, including enameled granite, fine-grained gloss granite, and full gloss granite using digital inkjet printing technology to achieve elegant beauty, sophistication and excellent quality. The most notable product line is the full gloss granite tiles that are ultra-white, ultra-bright, even, reflecting the natural beauty of famous stones.

There are many granite tile collections including: Rough surface tiles ideal for bathrooms and outdoor areas, smooth but non-slippery surface tiles, wood imitation tiles associated with natural wood beauty, etc. Especially, tiles of large size 80cmx80cm and 100cmx100cm meet requirements of large public works in Vietnam.

In addition, the Company also manufactures water jet tiles from Granite tiles with landscape, favorite animal images, or at the customer's own design for decoration.

Dong Tam tiles satisfy European Standard EN 14411:2012 and the Quality Management System ISO 9001.

All of these have established the basis for us to best meet customers’ tastes and demand for any tiles in interior and exterior decoration.